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By Jennifer Talmage
March 24, 2015

Kre-Alkalyn Vs Creatine Monohydrate

kre alkalyn vs creatine

In today’s society, everyone seems to be looking for the most reliable way to get bigger, stronger or faster than their competitors – and creatine is one of the most popular supplements for getting there.

In the fitness industry, creatine is touted as one of the most powerful supplements for improving physical performance due to its abilities to increase muscle size, strength, and volume while promoting the production of ATP for enhanced energy levels.

Though the compound has been popular among bodybuilders and athletes for decades, advances in science and technology have resulted in the creation of additional forms of creatinesuch as Kre-alkalyn creatine – but how does kre-alkalyn creatine compare to the popular creatine monohydrate? Keep reading to find out which form of creatine wins the kre-alkalyn vs creatine monohydrate battle.

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine is a naturally formed compound in the body and it can be found mostly in muscle tissues.

Creatine monohydrate is believed to be the most natural, original form of creatine supplementation, and it is still considered to be the most widely sold product for building muscle tissues. It is also the most affordable type of creatine, as it is fairly easy for manufacturers to process.

According to ACE, the American council on Exercise, creatine is well-tolerated by most individuals and is often a safer alternative to other performance enhancing supplements.

The Pros
• Plenty of research and anecdotal evidence
• Easy to process and purchase

The Cons
• Difficult to digest
• Requires a loading phase

What is Kre-Alkalyn Creatine?

Kre-Alkalyn creatine is a patented form of creatine developed by Jeff Golini, the same scientist who originally discovered AKG (a compound that boosts nitric oxide production).

This form of creatine involves a unique buffering process that enables the creatine to pass through the stomach without breaking down, so it can be delivered directly to the muscles unchanged and in its purest state.

Because it does not breakdown in the stomach, it supposedly results in fewer digestive problems and side effects.

The Pros
• No loading phase
• Supposedly fewer side effects
• Increased bioavailability

The Cons
• More expensive
• Too few clinical trials

The Research

Although there are very few clinical trials comparing the two supplements, The International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Meeting suggested that the two types of creatine offered fairly comparable results in regards to muscle building and body composition.

In a double-blind study involving 36 resistance trained participants, individuals were randomly assigned to supplement their diet with either CrM (Creapure – one of the purest sources of creatine monohydrate) for 28 days or the equivalent amount of Kre-Alkalyn creatine. Those involved in the study were asked to maintain their current training program and record all their workouts, then muscle biopsies, blood samples, body weight, and body composition were tested and analyzed.

The data revealed that “neither manufacturers recommended doses or equivalent loading doses of KA (Kre-Alkayn) promoted greater changes in muscle creatine content, body composition, strength, or anaerobic capacity than CrM. These findings do not support claims that KA is more efficacious form of creatine.”

Which Comes Out on Top?

So if the two offered similar results as far as performance goes, is safety a determining factor for finding out the best creatine product?

In a similar study, conducted by the same group with the same technique, fasting blood samples and DEXA were taken to determine if pH balanced form of Kre-Alkalyn was equally as safe as CrM ingestion.

The results?

“Neither manufacturers recommended doses or equivalent loading doses of KA compared to CrM resulted in any negative side-effects or health outcomes,” says researchers. “Additionally, there was no evidence that CrM supplementation experienced a greater degradation to creatinine. These findings suggest that KA is just as safe to consume as CrM with minimal side-effects.”

And while Kre-Alkalyn is as safe as Creatine Monohydrate, it’s also more effective at help you reach your fitness goals. When combined with other forms of creatine, you can get maximum benefit from using Kre-Alkalyn Creatine.

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